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Histories of Ecological Design; An Unfinished Cyclopedia

by Lidia Kallipoliti

Illustration by Youngbin Shin 

Research assistant by Foivos Geralis

The book "Histories of Ecological Design; An Unfinished Cyclopedia," which presents conflicting definitions and concepts of architects and designers and the parallel histories of their intellectual positions toward environmental thought from the 19th century to today. It will showcase that ecological design starts with the reconceptualization of the world as a complex system of flows rather than a discrete compilation of objects, which visual artist and theorist György Kepes has described as one of the fundamental reorientations of the 20th century. To survey the formation of this field, the history of ecological design will be not be exclusively examined chronologically, but also in connected worldviews, each rendering evolving perceptions of nature, its relation to culture, and the occupation of the natural world by human and non-human subjects.

Photo: Courtesy of AA Bookshop

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