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Virtual archive for historic buildings

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

There has been an enormous and endless conversation about the future of the earth is down to how well we cut down the emissions from the vehicle, materials, and the building construction. After a short thrill of the finding of the concrete, steel, glass, and so forth, soon we face the massive outcomes of the carbon emissions from conventional architectural technologies. Having a large portion of land occupied with massive heavy buildings firsthand, the endless maintenance of historic buildings in the city is another inevitable factors of pollution. However, technology will keep developing and replacing these old building technologies with green energy solutions for a better future, so how do we continue maintaining our historic leftovers with us?

Let's say you have dolls you have been attaching since you are a baby, but it must not be possible to keep stocking up what you find lovable in your tiny house for your entire lifespan. However, you can store them in your memory card as a form of the picture. This easy solution can be applied to architecture as well.

If you are agonising the right way of using Virtual Reality for the physical world's benefit, then the virtual archive is the right alternative for keeping historic buildings. Due to the long life span of buildings, we managed to keep these historic buildings in our neighborhood for pretty long time, but the living bed for the building now maybe are too full. (the new lifespan of buildings of future can be the other topic) While the city is turning to the experimental laboratory for the architectural innovations, the historic building may need to vacate some space for the new opportunities. This idea is not for the short-term resolution, but for the future picture of a thousand years later.

The world has two different layers which of virtual and physical with the virtual reality technology. A New, innovative, and less polluted habitat will exist in the physical world, while our glorious historic inventions are existing in our virtual archive, although it can be visited anytime with the aid of virtual reality glasses.

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